Valentine’s Day Roses: A Story of Romance

Valentine's day roses have been the gift synonymous with romance throughout the decades. 

We look at how the tradition started, why red is the best (but not the only!) type of rose to give plus our five-star favourites to wow and delight your special someone this Valentine's Day.

The tradition of giving Valentine's Day Roses


How exactly did the romantic idea of giving red roses come about?

Many credit Lady Mary Mortley Montagu for starting the tradition of giving roses on Valentine's Day. The wife of the British ambassador to Turkey in the 18th century, Lady Montagu was captivated by the custom of the Turkish flower language. She believed that the flowers gave a message depending on their colour and type - that red roses were a sign of love. 

Although it came to be discovered she misinterpreted the local custom, the act she started by giving red roses to symbolise love and passion continues to this day.

To imagine how red roses came to be linked to love, look no further than Greek mythology.

Ancient stories tell that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, cut herself and her blood dropped onto a white rose that then became red. 


Why red roses are the best to give on Valentine's Day

Red roses are associated with love, passion and deep commitment. Whether you give a huge bouquet or a single stem, red Valentine’s Day roses send this message loud and clear: I love you!


How many roses for Valentine’ Day?

How many roses should you give on Valentine’s Day? It’s traditional to give a dozen beautiful roses; there are 12 months in the year and 12 roses says you’re always thinking of them - not just on Valentine’s Day. Send 2 dozen roses and you’ll really double down on the romance factor!

Is your love still new and fresh? A single rose symbolises traditionally represents the beginning of a new relationship. 

Our pick of the best red everlasting Valentine's Day Roses 

How do you make the gift of a red rose even more meaningful? By choosing everlasting roses from Luxe Bouquet.

Our timeless roses are sourced from Ecuador and are cut when they are in their most beautiful state. They then undergo a special preservation process using our proprietary solution of glycerin and other natural ingredients. 

These stunning arrangements last for 12 months looking impeccable; Valentine’s Day roses that keep giving!

Red Everlasting Bouquet Box

Inspired by Parisian floristry, the Grand Luxe Bouquet Box is guaranteed to stir the emotions of love. This exquisite arrangement is our signature box of real roses that last a year, with no sunlight or water required.


I Love You Everlasting Roses Valentine's day gift ideas


Long Stemmed Roses

Long-stemmed roses are highly prized in the world of roses. An extra special choice of flower, long-stemmed roses can represent true and long-lasting love.  

Red Enchanted Rose Dome

Commemorate your love with a stunning synthetic red rose encased in an elegant dome, this popular 5-star rated gift will last a lifetime. 

Looking for a unique statement gift with red roses? Look no further than our curated selection of red roses with a distinct wow factor.


Everlasting Rose dome Valentine's gift ideas


I Love You Everlasting Acrylic Rose Box

Allow carefully assembled roses to spell out your feelings with the I Love You Rose Box.

Add Chocolatier Red Hearts Milk Chocolate to your order for a little something (deliciously!) extra.

Le Magnifique Box

Do roses get more extravagant than the Le Magnifique Box? We think not! We guarantee the lucky recipient will never forget the Valentine's Day this beauty was delivered to the door. 

All boxes are made-to-order with approximately 50 to 60 preserved roses and include a complimentary Luxe Bouquet signature greeting card.


Le Magnifique Valentine's gift ideas


Red Heart Luxe Rose Bear

 A unique take on giving a bunch of roses, our gorgeous Red Heart Luxe Rose Bear is sure to impress. Using only the finest quality materials, our teddy bears are carefully handmade by specially-trained artisans using over 500 synthetic roses.

What are alternatives to red Valentine's Day roses?

A rose doesn’t have to be red to tell someone you care. Yellow and pink roses are also meaningful choices to surprise a loved one on Valentine's Day.

Yellow roses

 Sunny, warm roses represent friendship, warmth and affection. An arrangement of stunning yellow roses is a gorgeous way to show your appreciation on Valentine's Day. The celebrated combination of yellow roses with red or pink is said to represent happiness and joy.

Grand Luxe Bouquet Box | Yellow Everlasting Roses

This bright, impressive Bouquet Box is crafted with approximately 20 to 24 yellow everlasting roses that will last for over one year. 

Quirky fact: It may surprise you to learn that back in the Victorian era yellow roses actually symbolised anger and jealousy were given to end a relationship!

Pink roses

Gentle, soft-coloured pink roses are a symbol of grace and elegance. Pink bouquets make an excellent choice for a platonic Valentine's Day gift to brighten the day for a great friend or loved one. 


Pink Everlasting Roses Valentine's gift ideas


Grand Luxe Bouquet Box | Hot Pink Everlasting Roses

“What a beautiful bouquet! Looks lovely without one petal damaged or tarnished! Gorgeous looking and super elegant!” - Romonda E.

Our Mini Everlasting Rose Dome in pink or Medium Everlasting Square Box Ombré are also elegant choices.

All Luxe Bouquet roses can be teamed with a choice of metallic heart-shaped balloons, bubbles, chocolates, teddy bears or even a deep conditioning treatment hair mask for an extra special gift. 


Should you have roses delivered?

A Valentine’s Day roses delivery is a truly romantic way to surprise the one you love. If you have them delivered to home, try to find out (without giving the surprise away!) if the lucky recipient will actually be there to collect them. 

Or, have them delivered to work. This can solve the “will they / won’t they be home” dilemma and they’ll get to show off their gorgeous bouquet to colleagues. 

Pre-arranging a delivery also means you won’t deal with the last minute stress of where to buy roses on Valentine’s Day. 

Make this Valentine’s Day an occasion to show your special someone just how much you cherish them. Looking for Valentine’s Day roses in Brisbane or  Valentine’s Day roses in Melbourne? Browse our entire range of Valentine's Day Flowers for delivery Australia-wide.

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