Melbourne residents looking for flowers that truly stand the test of time turn to Luxe Bouquet. Our commitment is simple: provide exceptional, long-lasting blooms that continue to impress long after other flowers have faded.

Why Melbourne Loves Luxe Bouquet:

Real & Long-Lasting: Our collection features real roses, sunflowers, peonies, hydrangeas, dahlias, and timeless dried flowers. Each treated with our proprietary solution, ensuring they stay looking beautiful for years.

Sustainability First: Traditional flowers fade, but Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Flowers are a testament to sustainable beauty. They last longer, reducing frequent replacements and lessening waste.

Safe for Allergy-Sufferers: Enjoy the beauty without the allergies. Our hypoallergenic flowers, free from pollen, allow everyone to adore their beauty without any concerns.

Melbourne-Wide Delivery: Though we are based in Sydney, our heart is with every bouquet we deliver across Melbourne. And, for those orders over $100, the delivery is on us!

We are a Sydney-based florist and gift store, so please allow at least 1 to 3 business days for deliveries to Melbourne. We offer Priority, Express, and Free delivery options.





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