Growing up, the romantic gesture of gifting and receiving flowers played a pivotal role in our lives. We understand the pain of watering and caring for our precious fresh cut roses, only to have them die within days. Because of this, we knew we needed to make roses that die in a week a thing of the past!

We set out to improve the gifting experience, and after years of extensive research and development, we are now able to offer perfectly preserved roses and flowers that last for over an entire year - guaranteed!

We started Luxe Bouquet as a team of 2 back from our spare room at home and now employ over 15 team members in Sydney, Australia and across the world in our dream warehouse space. Our professionally trained in-house artisans meticulously handcraft Luxe Bouquet’s arrangements using Ecuadorian roses that have been treated with our very own proprietary solution to maintain their beautiful appearance and longevity. We handpick only the finest Ecuadorian roses to undergo a complex preservation process that uses only 100% non-toxic natural oils.

Using only the finest quality flowers, each one of our Everlasting Bouquets is made to order with love. You can now quickly and conveniently browse our wide range of assorted rose colours and styles, and shop all of your favourite preserved bouquets at the click of a button, from the comfort of your own home. Every order can also be personalised to make your flowers and gifts that much more unique and special. We take pride in every little detail and can guarantee that our flowers and gifts will leave a big smile on your face – and that is why we love what we do!

Sydney, Australia


Luxe Bouquet's mission is to create extravagant, long lasting floral arrangements that will stand the test of time.

Luxe Bouquet is an Australian-based online luxury florist specialising in premium Everlasting Roses - real roses that have been preserved to last for an entire year without any water or sunlight.

Whether you need a gift for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or any other occasion, Luxe Bouquet offers the world's finest flowers delivered anywhere in the world, right to their door!


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Memories and experiences that will last forever


Creating extravagant, long lasting floral arrangements that will stand the test of time. Whether they are our Ecuadorian roses that lasts up to a year or products from our synthetic range that will last indefinitely, we always make sure your giting experience is unique and memorable.



Real flowers that last a year.



Roses that last forever.



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