Black roses are a unique, mysterious, and beautiful colour that can represent a number of different emotions or events.

In the gothic subculture, black roses are often gifted to represent love and the deep commitment between the two people. Black roses can also symbolise rebirth, death, and mourning, and even be gifted to someone because of hatred or if a tragedy has occurred. Clients often gift black roses for special occasions, to celebrate a new job or home, or simply for individuals who love the gothic aesthetic. 

As black roses do not occur naturally, at Luxe Bouquet, we have the mechanisms and techniques to create beautiful black everlasting roses in assorted sizes for all bespoke and unique arrangements. Our carefully curated selection of black roses is perfect for any occasion, from a romantic gesture, or celebratory event, or even as an incredible centrepiece for your home.

We currently offer black roses in large and small glass domes, rose boxes and rose bears.





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