7 Reasons Everlasting Roses Are Better Than Fresh Flowers

Everlasting roses vs fresh flowers; which makes the best gift? We give you 7 reasons why everlasting roses are better than fresh flowers for almost any reason, from the arrival of a bub to just saying I love you. 


What Are Everlasting Roses? 

Before we look at 7 great reasons to choose everlasting roses over a fresh bouquet, we’ll explain what they are. Everlasting roses begin life as all fresh flowers do; growing in nature. 

They are then treated to a careful preservation process to keep their beauty from fading. Luxe Bouquet’s everlasting roses are cut on our South-American farms at the peak of their natural beauty and preserved using our proprietary blend of non-toxic oils. 


Everlasting Roses Last

Let’s start with the most obvious reason! Fresh flowers might be gorgeous…but they don’t last long. For life span, everlasting roses win every time. 

The lucky recipient  won’t be tossing out a wilted bouquet just a week after receiving it; if they’re lucky! Some bunches fade even faster. 

For significant anniversaries and celebrations, a long lasting arrangement is especially important. You not only want to give flowers but a special keepsake. Everlasting roses tick both of these boxes beautifully. We love Everlasting Rose Domes for the ideal keepsake to look upon with appreciation and enjoyment for longer than a week.


Low Maintenance 


Keeping a bouquet of fresh roses looking vibrant as long as possible takes a surprising amount of upkeep. Re-cutting stems, changing water, adding more flower food, picking off dead petals - turns out fresh flowers are a high-maintenance bunch.

Everlasting flowers are far less demanding than their fresh buddies. Ongoing maintenance is minimal, all you need to do is occasionally use a gentle brush to remove any dust that has accumulated on the rose petals.


Everlasting Roses Are Allergen-Free

Nothing sucks the joy out of receiving a big bouquet of flowers like having an allergic reaction. 

Dalalias, daisies, sunflowers and baby’s breath are some of the worst flower offenders for sparking allergies. If a fresh bunch or roses are arranged with these in a bouquet, your gift might mean a rash and runny nose rather than romance. 

Everlasting roses are allergen-free because during the process of preservation any pollen or other allergens on the petals are eliminated. This also means they won’t attract pesky bugs  to munch on the petals while they’re displayed; no one wants creepy crawlies attacking their gift.

Our proprietary blend of non-toxic oils means there are no harmful chemicals used in the preservation process for Luxe Bouquet flowers. 


Colour Match For A Wedding Anniversary

There is an incredible colour palette for everlasting roses and we love their versatility to find the ideal match for your anniversary.

Traditionally, each wedding anniversary has a colour. Discover the hue for your upcoming anniversary and pair it with matching everlasting roses.

For example; a The Black Everlasting Rose for a onyx anniversary (7 years), Royal Blue Everlasting Roses for a blue anniversary (4 years) or Grand Luxe Bouquet Box of Gold Roses for a golden anniversary (50 years). 

The options available for long lasting bouquets inspired by metallic elements like silver and bronze are particularly unique. So too are our Pastel Mix of Everlasting Roses.

The bottom line? Everlasting roses and flowers offer a colour versatility you won’t find in fresh roses. 


Long Lasting And Economical Table Centrepiece 


We can all agree: flowers are a stunning centrepiece for the dining room table. They make the space feel inviting and add a touch of colour. 

However, the constant upkeep of fresh flowers is time consuming and expensive. 

Replacing a modest bouquet of fresh flowers on a weekly basis may set you back $25 a week. Higher quality blooms can start anywhere from $55 and beyond. 

That’s $1300 to $2860 a year! On the other hand, you could choose an everlasting bouquet for less than half the price that brings a vibrant feeling to your space for an entire year with minimal upkeep. 

While preserved roses are more expensive up front, they are far more cost-effective than replacing fresh flowers on a weekly basis. 


Unique Styling Options 


Preserved roses can be styled and shaped in more unique ways than fresh flowers, making them ideal for a whole host of special moments. 

Gifting everlasting flowers for the birth of a friend’s baby? The Baby Blue Luxe Rose Bear or  Pink Heart Luxe Rose Bear says congratulations in a truly special way. 

A heart-shaped arrangement is our top pick for Valentine’s Day and you can even spell out your feelings with preserved roses.  

The Grand Acrylic Storage Drawers is a captivating and practical gift with everlasting flowers to keep your remote controllers, cosmetics, or jewellery in order. Such a pretty way to organise your stuff isn’t possible with fresh blooms.

Everlasting Rose Domes are one of our most purchased keepsakes at Luxe Bouquet and it’s easy to see why. With a radiant bloom (or two!) displayed beautifully under glass it is, as they say, the gift that keeps on giving. You can also personalise the dome with a plaque to say everything from Happy Graduation to Will You Marry Me? and plenty of options in between. 


Preserved Flowers Are Pet-Safe 


Not all flowers are pet-friendly. Although roses are generally considered safe for animals, if they are bundled up with other flowers the posie could cause harm to your furry friend. 

Lilies, tulips and hyacinths, for example, are toxic for dogs and cats  and can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain due to the strong alkaline substances they contain. Daffodils are another known offender. Some loved ones may not be able to accept your gift of fresh flowers simply out of care and concern for their pet.

There’s nothing to worry about with everlasting roses. As we mentioned earlier, due to the preservation process for each rose, all potentially harmful allergens are eliminated. 


At Luxe Bouquet, we’ve got every occasion covered with an incredible choice of everlasting roses, preserved flowers, and more. Shop today!

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