Based in Sydney, Luxe Bouquet is proud to offer the magic of Everlasting Flowers to customers in Australia and around the world. These are genuine, handpicked blooms, preserved to keep their natural beauty vibrant for over a year, making them the perfect gifts for life's special moments — be it anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day.

Our floral collection is as vast as the occasions you celebrate. Whether you're looking to express love with roses on Valentine’s Day, wish a happy birthday with sunflowers, or commemorate an anniversary with our diverse range, Luxe Bouquet has the perfect flower for every sentiment.


Why Choose Luxe Bouquet?


- Longevity: Our flowers are real, preserved to ensure their beauty outlasts fleeting moments, making them ideal for marking lasting memories.

- Sustainability at Heart: We don't just provide beauty; we do it with an eco-conscious approach, ensuring our planet benefits too.

- Allergy-Conscious Blooms: Our Everlasting Flowers bring joy to everyone, crafted to be allergy-friendly and safe.

- Trustworthy Delivery: Whether you're in Australia (enjoying free delivery on orders over $100) or elsewhere, we promise a seamless delivery experience.

- Global Delivery: While we are based in Sydney, our flowers can be shipped globally, delivering happiness across continents.

At Luxe Bouquet, we believe in making every occasion a tad bit more special. When you choose us, you're choosing authenticity, dedication, and an unmatched floral experience.

As we are a Sydney-based florist and gift store, we offer same-day delivery within metropolitan Sydney, as well as next-day and express delivery options to most capital cities in Australia. Just select your preferred delivery date at the cart screen during checkout and your delivery method at the last stage of checkout. We offer free delivery all over Australia!





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