Anniversary Gift Ideas By Year

We’re sharing the best wedding anniversary gift ideas for those milestone celebrations. Teaming traditional themes, colours and gemstones with modern suggestions, you’ve got plenty of options right here. 

Whether you choose a traditional or modern gift, the best anniversary surprise is something you know they’ll love! Get thoughtful and creative, and enjoy choosing the perfect present for these marriage milestones. 

Anniversary gift ideas for milestones not to be missed

1st Wedding Anniversary 

Traditional Theme: Paper 


Paper is the traditional theme for a couple's first wedding anniversary. It represents the bond that’s growing between the newlyweds and the fragility of a young marriage. The colour for the first year is gold or yellow. 

Some sweet ideas for paper-themed gifts; printing and framing the lyrics of your wedding song, a shared journal to capture new memories together, or a deck of romantic ‘date night idea cards’.

Carnations are the flowers traditionally given but why not give a gorgeous yellow Forever Sunflower or Grand Luxe Bouquet Box  to fit the yellow colour theme instead?


5th Wedding Anniversary 

Traditional theme: Wood

Wood signifies the strength of your marriage bond 5 years into your journey together. Love furniture and antiques? You won’t be stuck on anniversary gift ideas for this milestone! 

Plan an anniversary lunch near antique markets or dealers and choose something made of wood together. Keepsake boxes, wooden ornaments, or handmade furniture. 

Prefer outdoors experiences over gifts? Surround yourself with the theme; celebrate with a weekend away in a log cabin and plan a hike together in the forest. 

The traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gemstone is sapphire and the colour theme is turquoise. This gives couples plenty of jewellery gift anniversary ideas to work with. For a cute nod to the colour theme, choose gift packaging in turquoise. 


10th Wedding Anniversary 

Traditional theme: Tin and Aluminium 

The marvel of a decade of marriage calls for a stunning anniversary gift.  

More stunning, you might say, than tin or aluminium? We get you! While these are the traditional themes, there are plenty more sparkly anniversary gift ideas to consider like… diamonds! 

Diamonds are the traditional stone to celebrate 10 years together. 

To celebrate a decade we suggest going big and luxurious with flower gifting. With silver as the colour theme for this anniversary, this Grand Luxe Bouquet Box paired with silver Love Heart Balloons ticks all the boxes.

15th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional theme: Crystal


The traditional flower to celebrate this anniversary is the rose. Roses symbolise love, perfection, and passion so red roses can be the go-to for showering your partner with love. 

We’ve got you covered with gorgeous rose creations for all budgets, from the Le Petit Box to the Grand Everlasting Rose Square Box and plenty of options in between

Now you’ve got the flowers sorted, other anniversary gift ideas could be centred around crystal. Crystal wine glasses and champagne flutes are popular picks but you can get more creative too - a crystal keepsake box with a handwritten poem or a Swarovski ornament, ring, or accessory.


20th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional theme: China


20 years along and no doubt you've been through many highs and lows together. China, the traditional theme, represents the elegant and fragile nature of love; as a reminder to never take each other for granted.

Love the sentiment behind the traditional theme? Anniversary gift ideas include bone china mugs (get a personalised couple set), vases, and ornaments. 

If you prefer a different gift idea for 2 decades together, you could choose based on the stone - which is emerald. Or, you can throw tradition out completely and book an incredible dining experience or finally take that trip to Italy you’ve been talking about since your 5 year anniversary.

Wondering what the traditional flowers are for 20 years? A big bouquet of gorgeous lilies. 

25th Wedding Anniversary 

Traditional theme: Silver


A quarter of a century together. It’s not surprising many couples stick with the traditional theme of silver to guide their wedding anniversary gift ideas for this milestone.

Watches, rings and silver platters are typical to commemorate 25 years together but don’t feel you have to take the theme so literally. Choosing the colour (rather than the metal) opens up options and different budgets! We love the Everlasting Square Box or Luxe Rose Bear to keep with the theme. An elegantly framed silver foil artwork is also a unique take on silver. 


30th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional theme: Pearls


Congratulations, you’ve been married for 10,957 days! The pearl wedding anniversary calls for a beautiful heartfelt gift; be it extravagant or something simple yet oh so meaningful. 

Of course, pearl-related jewellery is the obvious choice and you won’t be stuck for options. Pearl cufflinks for him or a statement pearl Parker pen. For her, a classic pearl necklace or earrings with Everlasting White Austin Roses will make for an anniversary she will never forget. 

Enjoy a bottle of Moët & Chandon with a seafood dinner to celebrate. Order up big on the oysters because, who knows, you might find a pearl! 

40th Wedding Anniversary

Traditional theme: Rubies


40 years of marriage; what a wonderful reason to gather together loved ones for a celebration of your commitment. In short, let’s party! The traditional theme is rubies and what better colour for a romantic celebration? Ask guests to wear a touch of red, add elegance to tables by scattering Silk Rose Petals and keep the raspberry bellinis flowing.

Now to anniversary gift ideas; how about an Everlasting Rose Dome personalised with the date of your wedding? Team with a romantic red balloon (or 3!) and you’ve given the perfect gift. 

Personalised prints, stylish luggage, luxurious bathrobes, or hiring a private chef for a romantic picnic date in your own backyard are all gorgeous ways to celebrate.

50th Anniversary 

Traditional theme: Gold 


A golden wedding anniversary is one of the most memorable milestones in a couple's life, understandably so. Gold symbolises the beauty and incorruptible strength of a love that has lasted half a century. 

A 50th wedding anniversary is often celebrated with family. If you’re a loved one of the happy couple, present them with this stunning Grand Luxe Bouquet Box of gold roses. 

An engraved clock, a framed photo of your wedding day side by side with a current photo, a 24K gold rose or personalised pendant all make beautiful keepsakes. 

60th Anniversary 

Traditional theme: Diamonds

Reaching your 60th anniversary is an incredible milestone. Diamonds are forever and this precious gemstone pays tribute to the precious and rock-solid nature of a love that spans 6 decades. 

Show your husband or wife how much you cherish the time spent together with a gorgeous diamond-themed gift - earrings, a watch, cufflinks, or a necklace. Or, interpret the theme in other ways; put together a diamond-centric photo album of memorable moments or frame a poem with a diamante frame. 

Celebrating the happy couple? Glassware gifts are a well-received 60th anniversary gift idea, surprise them with this stunning handcrafted bouquet or arrange lunch with their nearest and dearest to commemorate this special occasion.

For more gift ideas for milestone wedding anniversaries and all those in between, explore our range of best selling everlasting flowers. 


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