Where To Buy Flowers For All Occasions

There is always a good reason to buy flowers, for a special someone or even for yourself.

No matter the day or the occasion, flowers instantly brighten up and energise any space. They can instantly make anyone smile and improve their mood. 

If you’re in a flower-giving or flower-buying mood today, here are some places where you can buy flowers for all occasions. 


Local florist


It is always a great idea to support your local shops. There is an ecosystem of suppliers and entrepreneurs that help keep a floral shop running, and whenever you buy from them, you do your share in boosting the local economy. 

It also means that your flowers are sourced locally so they are as close to fresh as you can possibly get. Unless you have a specific flower in mind that is not available in-store, buying from your local florist is fast and easy, and most likely customisable as well. If you want something unique especially on a holiday where everyone else is getting flowers, this is your best bet.



This is not the most sustainable option there is but it has its place and purpose in the industry. Buying supermarket flowers is fast and convenient. It’s for those days when you have to do a million other things and getting flowers is one of them. 

It can also be ideal for those with a limited budget. Of course, in a perfect world, we would always buy the best for our loved ones. But in this imperfect world where prices and budgets tend to go up all the time, it is always good to have the option to get beautifully packaged but affordable flowers. 

Online flower shop


Of course you can buy flowers online! It’s convenient and it gives you access to varieties that may not be easily available in nearby physical shops. It also allows you to send flowers to your loved ones, wherever they are in Australia (or the world, really). The feeling of receiving flowers is incomparable, so making that effort is always worth it. 

Buying flowers online opens up your world to options that you may not even have thought possible. For instance, did you know that you can buy roses that last for over one year aka Everlasting Roses?

Our flagship Everlasting Roses are real Ecuadorian roses preserved using a non-toxic proprietary solution which maintains their fresh look for more than a year. The petals won’t wilt and fall off. This also means they require practically no maintenance. Just set them down somewhere indoors and they will make the perfect decorative piece, and a good conversation starter too!


where to buy flowers

Why more people are opting for Everlasting Roses

  • Longevity. Everlasting Roses give you maximum return on your investment. 

  • With fresh flowers, we know that the beauty is short-lived and sometimes, we factor in this short life span when considering how much we want to spend on flowers. Of course, when we buy flowers for a special someone or to celebrate an important occasion, the price tag becomes secondary. But wouldn’t it be nice to know that the flowers you’re getting will stay beautiful, and thus bring joy to you or to the recipient, for a long time? 

  • Flexibility. Aside from gift-giving, these flowers are great as decorative pieces or for use in weddings, bridal or baby showers, and any other events requiring flower arrangements. They can double as party giveaways because they will last for a long time anyway. 

  • No maintenance. You do not need to water them at all. (In fact, you really shouldn’t because they are preserved using non-toxic special oils.) You do not even need to remove them from their packaging. All you have to do is place it somewhere away from direct sunlight, strong air conditioning vents, or fans.

  • If dust accumulates on the petals, you can simply use a gentle brush. The dome can be wiped clean with a microfibre cloth and glass cleaner if it starts to get foggy. 

    Plus, our Everlasting Roses do not pose any risk to human health or the environment so it’s definitely a bonus. 

    Other types of flowers you can buy from our online shop

  • Everlasting Peonies - Like their rose counterparts, our peonies are cut when they are at their most beautiful and preserved via our special process. Our Everlasting Peony Box contains around 11 to 20 real peonies. 
  • Dried Flowers That Last A Year - We offer a mix of Everlasting Roses and dried/preserved flowers. Our pink, white, and gold bouquet includes our signature roses, hydrangeas, palm spear, bunny tails, and gypsophila. 
  • Forever Sunflowers - We offer this in a glass dome with three options - regular size, mini, and trio. 
  • 24K Gold Dipped Rose - This is handmade from real roses and carefully crafted with a 65-step production process. It is a masterpiece crafted by trained artisans. The roses are glazed with transparent resin before they are dipped and plated with real 24K gold. The final product is a thoughtful and unique symbol of eternal love. 
  • Forever Long Stemmed Roses - These Everlasting Roses come in either a ceramic vase or a rose box. 

  • forever roses delivered

    What to look out for when buying flowers online

  • Reviews. Don’t just read the reviews on the website. Check out their socials too, and do a quick Google search to see if anything suspicious comes up. 
  • Customer support. This is something you’ll usually experience first-hand after you’ve made your purchase. But you can check how responsive they are by sending them a query via their platforms. It will give you an idea of how they interact with potential customers. 
  • Delivery fees. Found something cheaper? Check the delivery conditions before you decide to switch over to them. You may end up paying more if delivery is not free. (FYI: We deliver for free Australia-wide for all orders over $60.) 
  • Personalisation. Can you customise your order? If so, ask for samples and always clarify the costs involved. 

  • Where do you buy your flowers? Do you have tips for getting good deals on flowers online or in-store? We’d love to hear from you!

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