Gift Ideas For The Women In Your Life

If your love language is gift-giving, then you’ll find that the process of deciding what to buy for a special woman in your life is both exciting and challenging.

There are quite a few factors to consider - budget, preference, interests, occasion, level of closeness, and intent - to name a few! It can be quite overwhelming if you really think about it.

The good news is you don’t have to. Giving a gift should be just as fun as receiving it. If you’re planning a gift for an upcoming birthday or anniversary, here are some gift ideas for women to help you make that decision easier.




Gifting jewellery is no small act of affection. It signifies a deep commitment to the person, considering how purchasing jewellery can be considered a major financial investment. 

A ring is often associated with engagements and weddings, but it can also be given as a gift for a truly special woman in your life, like your mother. Did you know a ring worn in the middle finger  can signify power and balance?

Choosing the precise size can be tricky, which is why choosing to give this as a gift implies a level of commitment to the person receiving it. 

When giving earrings as a gift, opt for the clip-on type if you are unsure whether the recipient is pierced or not.

For bracelets, choose a small chain for family, friends, or close colleagues. It is more flexible and easier to wear, especially for younger women. If you are giving it to an older lady, a chunky bangle is also a good choice because it can instantly add colour and sparkle. 

For necklaces, it’s the pendant that really shines. An engraved locket is an intimate gift that implies love and devotion. A letter pendant can be an appropriate gift for a dear friend or a beloved colleague. It’s thoughtful, considerate, and definitely memorable. 


Jewellery Women gift ideas

Travel convenience


Is she always on the go and looking for the next adventure? Give her travel accessories that can help make her next trip more convenient like a travel-sized jewellery case, a self-sanitising water bottle, packing cubes, or an ever-useful neck pillow. 

Fitness accessories


A cute yoga mat, a sturdier water bottle, a customised towel, or a wellness journal are some examples of functional and thoughtful gifts for someone who is on a fitness journey. 

Nice-to-have gadgets


For avid readers, consider a Kindle. For photography enthusiasts, get a Polaroid. Even functional items like an external hard drive or noise-cancelling headphones are all great gifts for women.  



Give the gift of a relaxing experience. Get her a voucher for a massage, a spa package, or a salon treatment. You can make it a date or you can give it to her to enjoy on her own. 



Speaking of non-tangible gifts, you can also purchase class passes or short courses for someone who might be very keen on upskilling or simply just enjoying a new hobby. From baking and art to pilates or dance, there’s a class, whether online or face-to-face, for practically all interests and budgets. 



Has she always been eager to try skydiving or skiing? Book a package for her to try these exhilarating experiences. This is also a perfect bonding moment if you’re up for the challenge. 

Adventure doesn’t always have to be the adrenaline-fueled type of activities. It can also be a chill outdoor experience like camping or trying a new activity like karting or wall climbing. 

Something sustainable


Reusable and portable cutleries are popular and very useful. You can also get organic skin care or hair care products. With growing awareness of the impacts of climate change and the urgent steps we need to take to address this pressing issue, it’s amazing to see more lifestyle items now available in a more sustainable option. 



Classic, timeless, and always a hit - that’s the beauty of flowers. Fresh flowers are the most common choice because they’re easy and versatile. But if you want something that lasts longer, Everlasting Roses are the way to go. 

Our flagship Everlasting Roses are real Ecuadorian roses preserved using a non-toxic proprietary solution. This allows them to maintain their fresh look for more than a year. This also means they require practically no maintenance.

Giving that special woman in your life Everlasting Roses symbolises enduring love and affection. A gift that lasts a long time is something that she won’t easily forget. Plus they’re great decorative pieces indoors too. 

Roses not her favourite? We also have Forever Sunflowers, Everlasting Peonies, Hydrangeas, and dried flowers


gift ideas flowers delivered


Fun facts: General gifting customs in some parts of the world

- In China, you should not present a valuable gift to one person in front of other people because it can cause embarrassment, especially in a business setting. 

    In Chinese business culture, it is important to not get something too extravagant so that they will not feel obliged to do the same. And gift giving must be done after the negotiations have concluded. 

    At dinner parties where meals will be served, do not bring gifts of food. However, fruit baskets or candies are acceptable as thank-you presents to be sent post-event. You should also avoid giving any sharp objects (like scissors and knives) as gifts because it can imply cutting ties with the recipient. 

    - In Italy, it is customary to give a gift as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for an invitation. If you are invited to someone’s home, a gift of wine, pastries, or flowers is acceptable. Gifts for the small children in the home is also appreciated. 

      When it comes to giving flowers, avoid red because it implies secrecy and yellow because it can mean jealousy. Chrysanthemums are also a no-no because they are used in funerals. And speaking of mourning-related gifts, do not use anything black to wrap your present and make sure to avoid giving brooches, handkerchiefs, or knives. 

      - In Australia, gifting is generally relaxed and straightforward, which is a reflection of our own culture. In a business setting, gifts are not expected but welcome, as long as they are not too ostentatious that it may be considered a bribe. 

        If you are invited to someone’s home, it is customary to bring a small token for the host or a bottle of wine for your personal consumption, or to share. 

        What gifts for women have been a massive hit from your experience? 

        We’d love to know what you think!



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