Roses have been a symbol of love and devotion for millennia, and they've long been associated with romance. In fact, when it comes to romantic gestures, there's no better way to say "I love you" than with a bouquet of red roses. But did you know that each colour has its own meaning? For example, yellow means friendship or playfulness; pink is often used as an expression of gratitude; white signifies purity and innocence; purple may be given in remembrance of someone who has passed away.

These are not definitive rules, however, and these colours of roses can be used to convey many different kinds of messages that will vary from person to person. This blog post will explore the meanings behind these different colours.


eternal roses colour meanings


Red Roses


Red roses are often given with passionate feelings such as love, beauty, desire, honor, admiration, adoration, respect or to represent the passion of Christ. Red roses are also given in celebration of various events including weddings and birthdays. Not only do red roses have so many different meanings behind them but they also have many different varieties which all have their own symbolic meaning!


White Roses


Can be used to symbolise innocence and purity. White rose bouquets can be given as a symbol of protection and charm. They are also used to represent peace and serenity.


Black Roses


A black rose may be given in remembrance of someone who has passed away. However, it is also said that the black rose stands for mystery, self-sacrifice and magic.


Yellow Roses


Yellow is a positive color that can signify friendship or playfulness. It is also used as an expression of gratitude.


Pink Roses


Pink roses are given as an expression of gratitude, humility, and appreciation. It is sometimes used as an apology for something done wrong.  


Orange Roses


Orange roses symbolise ambition and enthusiasm. They may also be used to signify friendship or deep love.


Green Roses


Green roses may symbolise hope and fertility and sometimes they can even represent new beginnings when given to people who are about to take on new journeys or projects.


Blue Roses


Blue roses may symbolise serenity and peace, which is why they are often given to people or places that are experiencing a period of turmoil.


Purple Roses


Purple represents mystery and spirituality, as well as royalty and nobility. It is known to signify luxury and extravagance; creativity; power; ambition; determination; imagination and appreciation of nature. Purple roses can be seen to signify respect and admiration when combined with other colors such as yellow and pink.


These symbols and meanings might vary from person to person! So give these flowers a try the next time you want to use flowers to help say what's on your mind. And remember: it's not always about what you say, but how you say it!



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