Easy Gift Guide: 10 Occasions To Give Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for a loved one just feels so good, doesn’t it? An occasion to give a gift and spoil our favourite people is the chance to appreciate and congratulate them. Here are the milestone moments, special days and life events we love to celebrate with gifts!

10 Occasions To Give Gifts

Wedding Anniversaries

Your wedding anniversary is an occasion to give a gift that you definitely don’t want to forget! Every anniversary is meaningful but the extra special ones are milestones - 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, and so on. 

Flowers are a timeless way to say I love you and popular choices include:

An Everlasting Rose Dome with a personalised plaque is perfect for all anniversaries, especially those big ones! 

You don’t have to be married to celebrate your anniversary. It’s romantic to give a gift on the day you became a couple or the anniversary of your first date. 


eternal roses wedding bouquet | eternity roses and gifts


A loved one's birthday is an occasion to give a gift! While not everyone loves getting older we all love getting gifts, right?!

There are no hard and fast rules around birthday presents. Choose something that makes the recipient feel special, be it a sentimental, fun, useful, or luxurious gift.

Significant birthdays are 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, and each decade onwards. These milestones are a great time to give a keepsake-style gift. The Galaxy Enchanted Rose Dome is perfect for those extra meaningful birthday celebrations.

Bridal Shower | Kitchen Tea

Spoil the excited bride-to-be with a touching or unique gift to celebrate the next beautiful chapter in her life. 

These happy occasions usually take place 2 - 6 weeks out from the wedding. Gifts like a massage, spa voucher, or aromatherapy candles are perfect to ease any pre-wedding stress. 

Or, you could choose a gift that the couple will enjoy together like a dining or experience gift voucher for a date night. 

Baby Shower

Thoughtful and useful. Keep those two words in mind when browsing for the perfect baby shower gift. The purpose of these celebrations is to “shower” parents with everything they need for their little one. 

Most parents-to-be set up baby shower gift registries which makes it easy to choose a gift they’ll love. If they haven’t set one up, it’s totally appropriate to ask them what they may need. 

Want to give something precious? The gorgeous White Luxe Rose Bear is a gift they’ll cherish forever. 


A couple will usually include the details of their gift registry on the invite. While this simplifies the gift selection process, don’t feel you must choose something from the registry. You could get ideas from their list and then choose a customised version, for example, personalised homewares and linen from Etsy. 

Newlyweds who are already established in their home (aka - they have all the toasters they need) may put out a 'wishing well' at the reception to accept cash instead of gifts. If you are looking for something an extra special gift or flowers for a wedding, the Everlasting Bridal Bouquet is made of real preserved roses and will last for years after their special day.

Christening | Baptism | Naming Day Ceremony

Baptism, naming day ceremony, or christening events are a beautiful time to give the child-of-honour, usually between 1 - 6 months old, a special gift.

Traditional presents for baptisms and christenings can include silver photo frames, candles, silver trinket boxes, prayer books and bibles. Books, stuffed toys, or donating in the baby’s name (to a cause close to the family) are ideas for naming days.

Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day is an occasion to give a gift where you can’t go wrong with flowers! A show-stopping arrangement of everlasting flowers is the perfect way to express your gratitude and say…mum, you’re the best!

Team flowers with a self-care gift like an aromatherapy body scrub, rejuvenating hair mask, scented candles or a relaxing herbal tea. 

Father’s Day 

Whether dad is a tech head, a BBQ master, or loves a great whisky, when Father’s Day rolls around each September, treat him to something he’ll love.

Don’t forget, spending time together is a gift too. Take him for lunch, organise a fishing day, or get tickets to see a movie together.  


An occasion we all know to give a gift (or many!) is Christmas.

Writing gift lists (and checking them twice), shopping Christmas sales, and exchanging gifts are synonymous with this merry season. 

Any hobby or interest of friends and loved ones can guide your gift-giving. A personalised dried flower Christmas bauble ornament is a unique idea for those who adore all things Christmassy! 

Flowers are also a beautiful gift, especially to show appreciation to the hostess or host of your huge family Christmas lunch. 

For gifts to colleagues, it’s best to steer clear of any really quirky gift ideas that may lead to an awkward office secret Santa moment!

Valentine’s Day

Red roses and jewellery will always be stylish gift ideas for Valentine’s day.

For a unique twist on the usual posy, give a handcrafted bouquet of the finest preserved roses from Ecuador and Colombia instead. Lasting for up to 12 months, they can be enjoyed right through to next Valentine's Day! 

Or, let the petals do the talking with the I Love You Everlasting Acrylic Rose Box.

House Warming

Help friends make their new house a home with a thoughtful gift that reflects their style and personality. Are they moving for the first time? Practical homewares like kitchenware, linen and appliances will be appreciated.

For those already established, consider presents like wine, candles, or decorative pieces. A dried flower bouquet brings a touch of nature to any home décor and can be arranged as a long-lasting centrepiece. 

Farewell | Retirement 

Saying goodbye to your well-liked colleagues or boss is an occasion to give a gift in the workplace. Consider presenting a stunning sunflower on their last day to mark the start of a bright new beginning or a quality bottle of wine or whiskey. 


Say congrats in style! Arrange for the surprise delivery of a luxurious Red Everlasting Bouquet Box and romantic balloons to celebrate the happy couple.  

A fun gift idea? Matching or personalised toiletry bags for the honeymoon (try Etsy for some cute options) filled with travel-sized luxury toiletries. Or team with a bottle of top-shelf champagne with crystal champagne flutes.

Explore Luxe Bouquet's collections for more gorgeous floral inspired gift ideas - enjoy free shipping within Australia.

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