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Merry Tips For Decorating With Christmas Baubles

Christmas baubles are an icon of the festive season. We explore the bauble tradition, tips for decorating and why personalised Christmas baubles are a merry must-have; to gift a loved one or shine on your own tree.

What is the tradition of Christmas baubles?

The tradition of decorating Christmas trees began in Germany in the 16th century when people started adding ornaments to their simple, fragrant evergreen Christmas trees.

Back then tree decorations included homemade decorations like candles, biscuits and garlands made of berries, nuts, and popcorn. As decorations became increasingly artful, materials like silk and wool were introduced.

So, how did we get started hanging baubles from Christmas trees?  

The magical tradition of Christmas baubles can be traced back to Lauscha, Germany.  

The first glass bauble was handcrafted by artisan Hans Greiner who also made tin figures and glass garland decorations. The word “bauble” meant a trinket or small toy. 

Initially, baubles were made from glass but plastic versions soon followed. They were more affordable to produce which made them widely available as the glass versions could only be afforded by wealthy families. 

The different kinds of Christmas Baubles

Today there are all kinds of Christmas baubles to choose from to suit your festive style, be it modern, fun, traditional or somewhere in between.

Personalised Christmas baubles 

Not only do personalised Christmas baubles look stunning on the tree, but they also make a thoughtful and lasting gift. We all have a friend or loved one who totally gets into the spirit of the festive season and loves tradition. They’ll adore a bauble with their name to place front and centre on the tree. 

You can choose one for your tree too; personalised baubles bring a little touch of character to every home.

They can also commemorate a significant event of the previous 12 months. Did you get married that year? Hang a personalised bauble with your wedding date. Or maybe you welcomed a new bub? Choose a beautiful bauble to celebrate the birth year. 

With each passing Christmas, your tree fills up with special reminders and warm memories. 

Introducing our Personalised Dried Flower Christmas Bauble Ornament

Our luxe 10cm Personalised Dried Flower Christmas Bauble includes complimentary personalisation to display your loved ones' names on your tree. 

Available in various colour palettes to suit your Christmas theme: pink, sage green, white, ivory, and ivory with gold - this stunning bauble is guaranteed to shine on your tree. 

Each bauble includes a curated selection of our favourite types of dried flowers including hydrangeas, bunny tails, gypsophila and other seasonal dried florals. 

Fillable baubles

These are a fun gift idea for each place at the Christmas table or something to give a co-worker or neighbour who pops around for a festive drink. 

The baubles are filled with sweet treats like chocolates or small trinkets with a merry vibe!

If you’re feeling extra Christmasy, you can even make these yourself. Crafty websites sell empty plastic Christmas baubles (they split down the middle or open from the top) and all you need to do is fill them up with little goodies.

Hand-painted baubles

Hand-painted Christmas Baubles offer a creative touch to any tree with plenty of styles and designs to choose from. Bright festive characters or intricate, classic designs in traditional Christmas colours, there’s bauble out there for every Christmas decor.

DIY baubles

Looking for a fun DIY project for the holiday season? Look no further than making your own Christmas baubles. 

Check out Pinterest for inspo and you’ll find hundreds of ideas for making and decorating your own. You may discover this merry little craft is something you love to do or unearth all kinds of bauble-making talents you never knew you had!

This is also a fun activity to get the kids involved in and see them excited to hang their festive creations on the tree. 

How to decorate your tree with baubles

You can get super creative with the decorative Christmas theme in your home. If you’ve chosen a distinct style, select your baubles to match. Want to keep decorating easy? Simply pick a colour scheme - it’s the simplest way to unify the look of the space with minimal effort.

Still deciding on your Christmas decor? Consider a few of these popular themes:

A traditional Christmas

This decor style is all about red, green, gold and wood with tartan fabric and big bows making an appearance. Classic decorative baubles include shiny red and gold options and don’t forget other traditional ornaments like the nutcracker figure and reindeer. 

A minimalist Christmas

The vibe is still festive, but understated. For colours, think silver, white and blue. The tree is dressed with a select few statement decorations rather than something hanging from every branch. 

Dried Flower Christmas Bauble Ornaments carefully placed around the tree fit this theme perfectly.

An all-white Christmas

The name says it all! Key colours for this theme are white and muted silver and gold for a real winter wonderland feel. Opt for white baubles with delicate details like glitter with a few gold and silver baubles interspersed throughout the tree for a lift of colour.

Rustic Christmas

If a rustic Christmas theme is your thing, choose natural textures of wood, garlands, and fibres like hessian. It’s a cosy, earthy vibe and baubles with real flowers are sure to be the highlight of the tree. Or, group a few together in a decorative wooden bowl for a unique, Insta-worthy centrepiece.  

A mix-n-match Christmas theme

There’s no rule book for festive decorating; you do you. Pick and choose the things you love about different themes and run with it. There’s so much scope to make it your own. 

Quick tip for hanging baubles beautifully

Be sure to hang some Christmas baubles closer to the tree's stem, rather than only on the outer branches. 

This gives the tree a fuller look when you stand back from it and glass baubles also reflect the lights from the inside to the outside of the tree. 

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