What are Eternal Roses?


Luxe Bouquet's Eternal Roses are real Ecuadorian roses that have been preserved using special oils to last for over one year - without any watering or maintenance! They are backed by our money-back guarantee, which means that they will remain beautiful and wilt-free for at least a year after purchase. The perfect addition to any room, the Eternal Roses can be displayed on your tabletop or mantel all year. They will never die, droop, or lose their petals as regular cut flowers do.


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How do Eternal Roses last for over a year?


Our Eternal Roses undergo a complex preservation process passed down from generation to generation, using glycerin and a blend of other natural oils. Our dedicated and experienced South-American farmers cut our roses when they are at the peak of their natural beauty, and immediately place them in vats of special preservation oils. Our skilled artisans slowly dry the roses by hand and individually arrange them with care into the finished product that you receive.


Eternal Roses make the perfect gift for engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more! They can be proudly displayed in your home for a full year, and they make wonderful gifts to highlight special life events. They come in a variety of colors from deep red to a soft pink, and make a wonderful centerpiece! Eternal roses are the perfect gift for those who love flowers but don't want the hassle of changing vase water and throwing away old flowers after three days - now you'll never have to worry about caring for flowers again!


 To purchase our beautiful Eternal Roses today as well as learn more about them visit Luxe Bouquet.





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