Luxe Bouquet's signature Everlasting Rose is Australia's favourite real rose that lasts for over one year
Inspired by a best-selling fairytale, these Everlasting Roses do not need any water or sunlight and are guaranteed to last for 365 days and more. You can shop our Everlasting Roses by colours including black roses or blue roses. 




Everlasting Roses Australia

Luxe Bouquet's signature Everlasting Rose Dome is Australia's #1 real rose that lasts for one year. Inspired by a best-selling fairy-tale, these Everlasting Roses do not need any water or sunlight and are guaranteed to stay beautiful for 365 days and more. Our Everlasting Flowers are cut on our South-American farms at the peak of their natural beauty and preserved using our proprietary blend of non-toxic oils. See our full collection of Everlasting Flowers, Everlasting Rose Bouquet Boxes, Everlasting Long Stem Roses, 24K Gold Roses, Forever Sunflowers, Dried Flowers, Galaxy Rose Domes, and Everlasting Peonies.

Why buy roses that die in one week when you can buy real roses that last for an entire year? Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Roses can last for up to three years with proper care. With thousands of five-star reviews, and backed by our One Year Rose Guarantee, you can trust that your special someone will love our Everlasting Roses! 

Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Rose Domes are the perfect way to say "I Love You", "Happy Anniversary", "Happy Birthday", or "Congratulations". Send Everlasting Roses today with a Luxe Bouquet Everlasting Rose Dome. Our Everlasting Rose Domes include a perfectly preserved rose inside a large glass dome, which can be removed or displayed with the glass on. All domes include a plaque on the base that can be customised with a range of different plaque options like "Happy Anniversary", "Happy Valentine's Day" or "I Love You". Set the mood and take your romantic gift to the next level with our premium rose petals.

The ultimate birthday gift, bridesmaid gift, anniversary gift, Valentine's Day gift, Mother's Day gift, and home decor addition. Available in standard or mini sizes and in an ever-growing list of flower varieties, our Everlasting Flowers are sure to leave a big smile on anyone's face - all year round! 

All of our Everlasting Rose Dome orders include free delivery Australia-wide and fast, affordable international delivery from our Sydney warehouse. Afterpay, Zippay, Sezzle, Klarna and Humm available. You can find more about our shipping here

What are Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Roses?

Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Roses are stunning, high-quality preserved roses that last up to a year or more with proper care. These roses undergo a special preservation process to maintain their beauty and freshness for an extended period.

How are Everlasting Roses preserved?

Our Everlasting Roses are carefully treated with a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution that halts the natural ageing process. This ensures they retain their soft, delicate texture and vibrant colours, just like freshly picked roses.

How long do Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Roses last?

With proper care, Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Roses can maintain their beauty for up to a year or even longer. Keep them away from direct sunlight, high humidity, and extreme temperatures to ensure their longevity.

Do Everlasting Roses require any special care?

Everlasting Roses require minimal care. Avoid exposure to water, direct sunlight, and high humidity. Do not remove the roses from their box, and gently dust them occasionally to maintain their appearance.

Can I customise my Everlasting Roses arrangement?

Yes, Luxe Bouquet offers various options to personalise your Everlasting Roses arrangement, including different colours, sizes, and box styles. Visit our website to explore the available customisation options.

Are Everlasting Roses suitable for people with allergies?

As Everlasting Roses undergo a preservation process, they don't produce pollen, making them an excellent option for individuals with allergies or sensitivities to fresh flowers.

How soon should I place my order for Everlasting Roses?

We recommend placing your order for Everlasting Roses at least a few days before your desired delivery date to ensure timely delivery. However, we strive to accommodate last-minute orders whenever possible.

How are Luxe Bouquet's Everlasting Roses packaged?

Our Everlasting Roses are carefully arranged in elegant, high-quality boxes, ensuring a luxurious presentation. They are then securely packaged to maintain their pristine condition during shipping.

Do you offer a gift-wrapping service for Everlasting Roses?

Yes, Luxe Bouquet provides a complimentary gift-wrapping service for Everlasting Roses. You can also include a personalised message with your order to make your gift even more special.

Can I return or exchange my Everlasting Roses?

Due to the delicate nature of Everlasting Roses, we can only accept returns or exchanges in case of damaged or defective products. Please contact our customer service team within 48 hours of receiving your order to address any concerns.


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